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What exactly is "Spiced Oil?"

Spiced oil is exactly that, oil with added spices. I've always been a fan of cooking with olive oil and sunfower oil, and then eventually realized that blending them was the perfect way to go when preparing a meal. The olive oil gives us that rich flavor that we all love and the sunflower oil has a high smoke point which allows cooking at high temps. Soltero Spiced Oils are multi-purpose oils that can simplify your daily cooking routine.

Uses for Soltero Spiced Oils Include:

*Cooking Oil (stirfry, grill, sautee)

*Salad Dressing (use alone or mix with your favorite dressings)

*Hot Sauce (tacos, hamburgers, breakfast, pizza)

*Hot Oil (lomein, ramen, dumplings, white rice)

*Dipping Sauce (use alone or mix with your favorite dipping sauces)

You can also mix these oils with each other to create new flavors. I find new ways to use them everytime I cook. Here are some examples of how I've used Soltero Spiced Oils in my daily cooking. Please feel free to comment, ask questions, or share the many ways you've used Soltero Spiced Oils.

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