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Soltero Tasting Guide

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

One of my favorite things to do when my friends come over is a Soltero Spiced Oil Tasting. Just a little sampling and discussion over the oils really excites me and inspires me with new flavor ideas. It kind of reminds me of the “charcuterie experience.” You know, just mixing everything with anything and then closing your eyes and appreciating the different flavors of the stone ground mustard… the bleu cheese… the pate’… the jamon iberico… and the candied pecan (yes, I’ve tried that combination). Each item adds something special to every bite, just like my spiced oils. Each one is distinct enough and strong enough to stand up on its own but works very well when combined with the other flavors.

When purchasing multiple bottles of spiced oils, I strongly recommend doing a tasting before using them to gauge the flavor and spice levels. Each one has its own distinct flavor profile, so a tasting will help you identify their differences. Make sure you use a neutral vessel such as unflavored toast points, saltine crackers, or fresh white bread. A little pinch of kosher salt on top of each bite will bring out the flavors further. I have put together a guide to help you navigate through the tasting process in the most efficient way, starting from sweet/mild to fire spice.

1. Senor Naranjo (sweet pepper/mild)

2. Azteca (poblano/mild)

3. Senor Verde (green chili pepper/hot)

4. Santa Muerte (Mexican spices/hot)

5. Diavolo (Italian herbs + calabrian pepper/hot)

6. Kickboxer (spicy thai citrus/hot)

7. Taquero (spicy cilantro lime/hot)

8. Senor Rojo (red chili pepper/hot)

9. Bella Donna (spicy sweet pepper/fire)

10. Vampira (spicy garlic/fire)

Enjoy your experience and please let me know how it went for you. =)

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